I was responsible (together with 3 colleagues) for the UX/UI of the CCBM2(*) project.
CCBM2 is a highly technical and complex financial system. The main focus was translating a complex financial business product into a manageable online product. Working with the business experts was crucial to understanding the needs. 
I defined and designed approx. 250 screens. The CCBM2 project was, however, canceled before completion. 
I worked for the last month on a style guide to streamline and standardize the development of future NBB applications.
(*) CCBM2 is the future central ICT platform managing the underlying securities andbank loans, which serve as collateral for the Eurosystem grant of liquidity in connectionwith the implementation of monetary policy or intraday credit. This platform is beingdeveloped by the National Bank of Belgium (NBB), together with De NederlandscheBank (DNB), and will alsobe managed by these two central banks. The new system,which will be used by all the national central banks (NCBs) of the Eurosystem, willbecome operational during 2013.